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We've got it Backward
The 80/20 of Targeting:

Targeting is one of the most fundamental marketing concepts. It indeed is a strategic decision that will drive essential choices throughout the marketing program. Unfortunately, many marketers are getting it backward although with good intentions.

Precise targeting has a perceived drawback. When the business goal is to maximize revenue, intuition leads us to sell to as many people as possible. To sell to as many people as possible, we need to make compromises in our products or services. We need to be generally appealing and avoid catering to the specific needs of any particular subgroup. Our messaging must be careful to make everyone comfortable rather than leverage a unique insight that would emotionally connect with a critical consumer subset while potentially turning off another subset. The broader the target, the greater the compromise. We end up with a brand that many people like, but no one loves. To build a meaningful brand, we need consumers to love it.
Less is More
Opportunity from Chaos
Sell a Little, Learn a Lot
First Moment of Truth
Product Placebo
Customized Module

Unsurpassed Brand Management Training

These training sessions have been vetted by professional and university students alike.  They have been honed to focus on the most meaningful aspects of the module and, refined to catch common misses, and executed many times a year to maximize participant engagement.  Below is selected anonymous survey feedback from those taking the class.

Anonymous Survey Feedback

MBA Brand Management Class, Spring 2019 5.0/5.0*
*Instructor: Overall effectiveness (Hackett): Rating 5.0 out of 5.0 with 16 out of a possible 16 (100%) feedback responses.
  • I enjoyed the content and the approach to the material. The book was easy to read and gave good examples for reinforcing the concepts. The assignments were enjoyable and facilitated learning well. I appreciated the cadence of the course.
  • Great class. Super fun. Loved the projects. Loved the final project and being put on the spot like that.
  • Made class fun, informative, and cares about helping students learn. I also really appreciated the $10 ebook. I read the whole thing, and will be using it as a resource in the future as well. I'd make that a requirement for the class, and it really helps learning (and studying for the exam).
  • Great class. It's great learning from a professor who has applied these teachings in an actual corporate environment.
  • Relatability and humility, though he clearly has the requisite knowledge and experience. Also he's a practitioner, so he ACTUALLY knows what he's talking about.
  • Interactive learning was the most I’ve done out of all mba courses. The projects were very relevant to the theories we learned in class.
  • Great affiliation and rapport. Strong knowledge of the subject matter. Engaging!!
  • Professor Hackett focused on the most important concepts and ensured that we fully absorbed them through hands- on learning and in-class repetition. I feel confident that I have a best-practice framework to be a brand manager.
  • You were great, Professor. I learned a lot about making a brand and as i'm currently actively managing a brand for work, it has made me think about my brand differently and more creatively than before.
  • This course exceeded the high expectations that I had for it from reading reviews, course syllabus, etc. Great experience! To reiterate, it'd be great to have Professor Hackett lead a practicum that that built on this course.
Undergraduate Brand Management Class, Spring 2019 5.0/5.0*
Undergraduate Brand Management Class, Fall 2018 4.9/5.0*
MBA Brand Management Class, Summer 2018 5.0/5.0*